Elder Law Section of the Utah State Bar

The Elder Law list is sponsored by the Elder Law Section of the Utah State Bar. Membership and participation in and with the Elder Law list is limited to licensed attorneys.

If you are not a currently licensed attorney, please do not participate. If you have a legal question, please do not post it to this list, nor solicit legal services or the services of an attorney. If legal advice or services are required or desired, please directly contact an attorney in your local area and enter into a prior written agreement for said services and advise. In Utah, you may call the Utah State Bar for referral information (801) 531-9077 or visit http://utahbar.legalmatch.com/index.html. Other states offer similar services.

The Elder Law list is maintained to provide a vehicle or avenue of legal discussion and communication between attorneys that fit within the definition of the section membership and join the list. The list facilitates an exchange of ideas, discussion of topics, consultation, direction, assistance, etc.--- all to enhance the level and proficiency of the practice of law in Utah. If you are such an attorney, please join and participate to make this a lively and helpful list.

Subscription Information:

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To post a message that will be sent out to the entire list, send the message to elderlaw-talk@postmaster.utahbar.org. When you reply to a message you have received from the list, remember to check your addresses and make sure a private message is not sent to the list address. Likewise, if you do wish the reply to go to the entire list, make sure the list address is included.

Remember we need your participation!!!! Ask a question? Give an answer!!!!!!!

Neither the Utah State Bar, the Elder Law Section, nor any of the attorneys participating on this listserv are engaged in rendering legal services or advise to the public, to any particular person or group of persons, or to any attorney or law firm by participation in this listserv.

The listserv is really just a giant list of e-mail addresses. When you join, you add your address to the list. When you quit, your address is removed. You communicate with the group by sending an e-mail message to the central computer running the list. That computer distributes a copy of the message to everyone in the group. Then, anyone can respond either to the entire group by responding to the central computer, or respond directly to you.

For example, suppose you are looking for advice from any lawyer who has handled a trial before Judge X, in St. George, or you need a form for Attorney's Lien, or you have a question on how to renew a judgment before it expires, etc. You can send a message to the group that asks your question, and anyone in the group can respond to you directly by e-mail. Or they can respond to the group as a whole. Group responses often trigger a larger, broader discussion. This will enable us to expand our form files, expand our network of associates, enlarge our prospective, relieve stress and help us enjoy our practice. Participate soon!!!!